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Recipe: Bruschetta with Baby Marrow Pesto

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: 30/10/2018

Ingredients: Pesto: • 400g Baby marrows • 100g Toasted cashew nuts • Handful:  Fresh basil leaves  Fresh coriander leaves • 2 Small crushed garlic cloves • 80ml Olive oil • 125ml Grated parmesan • 120ml Lemon juice and zest (2 lemons) General: • 300g Crumbled Feta • 120g Sundried tomatoes • 10 – 12 Slices toasted bruschetta Method: • Place all the pesto ingredients in a food processor and blend. Add extra olive oil if needed and season to taste. • Heat a griddle pan and toast the bruschetta. • Spread pesto on toast and top up with…

Herb Coriander Cilantro

Relevance: 15%      Posted on: 20/11/2017

(Coriandrum sativum) This is a variety named Cilantro, best used as a herb for leaves only. In that role it is exceptional as it produces a mass of lovely flavoured leaves. Great for fresh eating and for just chucking into the pot just before you serve. If you are looking for a Spice Coriander, rather look at the White coriander as it is much better suited for spice production. Companion plants: Asparagus, chervil and spinach. Planting beans or peas near cilantro will benefit your cilantro plant. Approx. 100 seeds

Herb Santo Slow Bolt Coriander

Relevance: 15%      Posted on: 27/11/2017

Coriandrum sativum Santo Slow Bolt is a lovely coriander variety for those looking for a regular ‘Dhanya’ supply. Plant 5-10 cm apart and pick often. Allow the plats to run to seed (bolt) for your next seed supply or for coriander spice for the kitchen. Companion plants: Chervil, Cabbage, Carrots, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower Approx. 50 seeds