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Eggplant Black Beauty (Brinjal)

     Posted on: 02/11/2017

Solanum melongena One of the older brinjal varieties known in South Africa. Before the advent of all the new hybrid varieties, this was the market leader for farmers and home gardeners. A stunning, prolific plant that produces masses of large glossy fruit. It requires a long growing season. Approx. 25 seeds

Eggplant Bangladeshi Long (Brinjal)

     Posted on: 02/11/2017

Solanum melongena Lovely, productive, mini-type eggplant. Produces early with plenty of 10-12 cm long cylindrical fruits with a slight curve. The deep green fruits are streaked with light green and purple streaks. Approx. 25 seeds

Eggplant Applegreen (Brinjal)

     Posted on: 02/11/2017

Solanum melongena Highly recommended variety. Developed in 1964 at the University of New Hampshire. This mild flavoured brinjal is non-acidic, does not need peeling, and is a very good producer even in a cooler environment. Approx. 25 seeds

Eggplant Amarillo Lunga (Brinjal)

     Posted on: 02/11/2017

Solanum melongena Oh WOW!! This has to be our #1 brinjal of the season. Everyone raved about it. It's a big producer, a really big producer, long stunning fruits that really stand out. The flavour is mild, with that classic brinjal taste. This is one of those varieties that you will want to plant every year.... it's that good. Approx. 25 seeds