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Squash Green Hubbard

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: 17/11/2017

(Cucurbita maxima) Heirloom. Said to be the original Hubbard from which all other Hubbard’s have been selected. It should not be confused with the Green Warted Hubbard which was introduced 50 years later. This Hubbard is a staple in many households, and with is sweet flesh, and fine grain it really is one of the best varieties out there. Unfortunately the few offered in stored a hybrid variety designed to produce the maximum number of fruits, and has not capturer the true essence of the original Green Hubbard. The Hubbard is a very good keeper and can be stored for…

Cherry Tomato Lime Green Salad

Relevance: 81%      Posted on: 16/11/2018

(Solanum lycopersicum) Easy to grow in foggy coastal climates and large containers. This round, lime green tomato has a sweet, citrus flavour that will add flavour and interest to any salad. Approx. 25 seeds  

Seed Focus – Beans

Relevance: 57%      Posted on: 24/10/2018

Spring and Summer - the time to plant beans. There are so many varieties of beans available. Some are green, some are purple, some yellow! In Durandt's Heirloom Seeds online shop, you can find 66 different heirloom varieties of beans that was grown organically. So what's the big deal on beans? Beans are part of the Legume family and not only are they "capsules" of concentrated nutrition with a myriad of health benefits, they are also good for the environment. No other food in its natural state is as rich in protein as legumes. Beans contain between 20 to 30%…

It is the season!

Relevance: 44%      Posted on: 15/08/2019

Isn’t it amazing how time flies? Here we are in the second half of 2019, with winter nearing its end. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about spring and what you need to do to prepare your veggie garden for the new season. A good place to start would be to clear your beds, add compost and mulch and allow the soil to recuperate a bit. So the question becomes, what can we plant? Fortunately, the warmer seasons offer more possibilities! And why don’t you try varieties that you haven’t planted before? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Visit…

Marog (Green)

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 12/10/2018

Amaranthus cruentas A very well-known traditional food that is cooked and used as spinach by many people in South Africa. Also known as Amaranth, this is the green leaved version and is exceptionally easy to grow. Once you have it in your garden all you need to do is allow it to set seed and you will always have a fresh supply starting in early spring. Approx. 50 seeds

Artichoke Green Globe

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 29/10/2017

Cynara scolymus The Green Globe Artichoke can grow up to 2m tall. Its silvery-green leaves forms a beautiful rosette and if left to flower, you are rewarded with a stunning purple flower. Artichokes are rich in anti-oxidants and, quite possibly, one of the lesser known super-foods. This variety prefers warm summers and mild winters. It will thrive in good soil. Water regularly and it’s a good idea to provide some frost protection in winter. Artichokes are targeted by slugs, snails, flying insect larvae and sucking insects. It is susceptible to diseases like damping off, powdery mildew, botrytis and curly dwarf…

Green Wave Mustard

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 29/10/2017

Brassica juncea Green Wave Mustard has curled and frilly medium-sized green leaves. This is a high-yielding mustard that can grow up to 2 feet tall. It has an interesting spicy flavour that will definitely add some zing to your salads. Green Wave Mustard is also a favourite amongst micro-green growers. This mustard variety prefers mild and cool temperatures, but tolerates heat and cold better than most other mustards. Plant in early spring - in full sun. Well-drained soil is needed for best results and mulch to keep the plants moist. Mustard greens are susceptible to Club root and need protection…

Broccoli Green Sprouting

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 07/11/2017

Brassica oleracea italica Now this is a variety that we don't go without. It keeps producing over an extended period of time and makes one squeal with happiness every time you pass by. High yield and a no nonsense variety. Approx. 100 seeds

Cabbage Green Express

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 24/09/2018

Brassica oleracea capitata A “miniature” cabbage which has a deliciously mild flavour and a lovely crisp texture. Mature cabbages weigh around 1.5kg. This is an early maturing cabbage and is ready to harvest in about 100 days. Approx. 100 seeds

Green Manure Vetch

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 03/06/2019

(Vicia) A massive biomass producer and will provide many kilos of above ground vegetation that will reduce to a wonderful much once the root system has been cut. Ensure that you cut the root system once the first flowers appear as you do not want it to re-seed in place. Please note: The seed pods are toxic to humans, but they can make a great fodder for cattle and sheep. Plant from March-April. Weight: 100 g