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Spinach Malabar

Posted on: 02/11/2018

(Tetragonia tetragonioides) Also known as New Zealand Spinach or Cooks Cabbage. It has a similar flavour to lettuce and can be used in salads, pastas, soups etc. This spinach is high in vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants. It is noted that it is hard to grow, but soaking the seeds in warm water helps to soften the seed coat for them to germinate. Approx. 50 seeds

Okra Clemson Spineless

Posted on: 01/04/2018

(Abelmoschus esculentus) Okra is a traditional East African vegetable. Originally grown in Ethiopia and Egypt, this vegetable as now been grown in the east for hundreds of years and is an important part of Middle and Far Eastern cuisine. The flowers, young leaves and pods are all edible. Approx. 50 Seeds

Spinach Monstrous Viroflay

Posted on: 17/11/2017

(Spinacia oleracea) A very well known French heirloom variety that produced very well in spring and autumn. Will not cross with other beetroot or spinach varieties. Approx. 50 seeds

Spinach Giant Noble

Posted on: 17/11/2017

(Spinacia oleracea) The Giant Noble is not a true spinach, however it tastes and grows just like a spinach. The only difference is you need to anticipate the growth. It can easily outgrow your expectations. Approx. 50 seeds

Spinach Bloomsdale Longstanding

Posted on: 17/11/2017

(Spinacia oleracea) One of the most loved heirloom spinach varieties. Leaves are beautifully savoyed, giving this spinach a unique look. The stems are stiff, keeping the leaves off the ground and making harvesting simple. Does better in warmer weather. Approx. 50 seeds