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Asparagus Mary Washington

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: 29/10/2017

Asparagus officinalis Every year, asparagus will be the first spring harvest out of your garden. An asparagus planting is an investment, as much as it is a pleasure. Mary Washington is one of the old standard asparagus varieties and is a consistent performer year after year. It is a well-known variety that has a host of admirers and dedicated growers. Approx 25 seeds

Homeschool Heirloom Gardeners Winter Challenge 2018

Relevance: 56%      Posted on: 28/08/2018

Winter Challenge 2018 – it was a challenge indeed! Winter is a time when things slow down. This season is usually seen as a time of preparation for spring and summer. Homeschoolers, however, are a different breed. They are used to doing things differently – to think outside the box. As a matter of fact, they will only use the box if it serves a practical purpose and enable them to learn and grow! It is therefore not surprising that they jumped at the chance to take on the Winter Challenge put to them by Durandt’s Heirloom Seeds. They were…

Relevance: 56%      Posted on: 27/07/2015

It is the season!

Relevance: 50%      Posted on: 15/08/2019

Isn’t it amazing how time flies? Here we are in the second half of 2019, with winter nearing its end. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about spring and what you need to do to prepare your veggie garden for the new season. A good place to start would be to clear your beds, add compost and mulch and allow the soil to recuperate a bit. So the question becomes, what can we plant? Fortunately, the warmer seasons offer more possibilities! And why don’t you try varieties that you haven’t planted before? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Visit…

Herb Winter Thyme

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: 28/11/2017

Thymus vulgaris There is much confusion over the classification of the different Thymus vulgaris varieties of which at least 5 are known and there are probably a whole lot more. The differences are designated by growth habit, leaf shape flavour and different essential oils present in the plants. Suffice to say that all the ‘vulgaris‘ varieties can be used as culinary herbs. Companion plants: Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi and turnips. Approx. 50 seeds

Lettuce Winter Density

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: 15/10/2018

Lactuca sativa Compact and dense, dark green, round heads that grow upright. The texture of the leaves are a cross between butterhead and romaine lettuce types. This variety is heat and frost sensitive, however the seed requires cool temperatures for germination. Approx. 100 seeds

Grains Turkish Winter Wheat

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: 28/03/2018

Triticum aestivum An old variety from the near east, Turkey, was one of the original wheat growing areas of the world. We are very happy to be offering this variety of general purpose grinding and cooking wheat. A winter sown wheat that produces well. Approx. 200 seeds

Grains Hard Red Winter Wheat

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: 13/11/2017

Triticum aestivum One of the final stages of someone becoming self-sustainable is to start growing your own wheat. Hard Red Winter Wheat is the perfect start to growing your own ‘bread’. We use this wheat to make bread; we add it to brown rice for a nice nutty flavour and grind it down for the chickens. We supply enough wheat for you to grow about 1 kg of wheat berries and then you can plant a good crop the following year. Approx. 200 seeds

Seed Collection: The Winter Garden Starter Combo

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: 02/11/2018

A range of winter crops for any gardener to start off with. This starter pack contains 6 packets of seed that are perfect for the cooler weather. Consists of: • 1 x packet of Detroit Dark Red Beetroot • 1 x packet of Rainbow Carrots • 1 x packet of Sparkler Radish • 1 x packet of Harris Model Parsnips • 1 x packet of Scorzonera (Black Salsify) • 1 x packet of Snowball Cauliflower (6 packs) Please note: Seed varieties are not exchangeable. Subject to change without notice.