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  • Herb Winter Thyme


    Thymus vulgaris

    There is much confusion over the classification of the different Thymus vulgaris varieties of which at least 5 are known and there are probably a whole lot more. The differences are designated by growth habit, leaf shape flavour and different essential oils present in the plants. Suffice to say that all the ‘vulgaris‘ varieties can be used as culinary herbs.
    Companion plants: Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi and turnips.

    Approx. 50 seeds

  • Herb Wormwood


    (Artemisia absinthium

    This herb is used to made Absinthe, a European Beverage. Also used for its medicinal purposes for digestive problems and as colouring and flavouring in liqueurs.
    Leaves have a bitter taste, and the branches are covered with fine silky hairs.
    As a companion plant, wormwood has a strong pest repellent and deters weed growth.
    Pregnant women are to avoid use.

    Approx. 50 seeds

  • Herbs Chives


    Allium schoenoprasum

    Technically not quite a herb and more closely related to onions, leeks and garlic. For our purposes we will call it a herb, as it’s used to add flavour to a whole host of dishes from your common chip dip all the way through to omelettes and more refined fish and poultry stuffing. Constant harvesting will only improve your stand that will die down in winter and then pop back up in spring.
    Companion plants: Parsley, apples, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and brinjals.

    Approx. 50 seeds

  • Italian Red Stem Dandelion


    Cichorium intybus

    This is not a true dandelion but a member of the chicory family.
    The jagged dark green leaves have red stems and are slightly bitter with a peppery taste. The leaves have an upright growth pattern and are less prone to bolting.
    Rich in vitamins A, C & K, iron, calcium and Omegas 3 & 6.

    Approx. 50 seeds

  • Rocket Arugula Runway


    Eruca sativa

    Very attractive and fast growing variety of rocket with distinctive protrusion, oak leaf shaped leaves. The leaves have a deliciously tangy taste that is not as pungent and peppery as other Rocket varieties.

    Great to use in salads or as a garnish under your meat or fish. Mature leaves are ready to harvest in 40 days.

    Approx. 100 seeds

  • Seed Collection: The Herb Collection


    A collection of our Top 10 herbs. Grow your own little herb garden to add delicious flavour, colour and texture to all your meals and dishes.
    Consists of:

    (10 packets)

    Please note: Seed varieties are not exchangeable. Subject to change without notice.

  • Sprouts / Microgreens Rocket



    Exceptionally popular microgreen variety.
    Rocket is an easy microgreen and very quick growing.
    Produces tasty, peppery leaves that are packed full of nutrition. Excellent as a garnish or an addition to salads.
    Not often used as a sprout as it can be bitter under 12 days of age

    Weight: 200 g