Beans Yard Long or Green Noodle


Vigna sesquipedalis

Heirloom. The yard long bean is a traditional oriental bean that never fails to impress. They are delicious, a quick addition to any meal and can be snapped into short pieces.

It’s really around 40-50 cm long, but still a great bean for salads, snacking and dips. Pick before the beans fill out for the best flavour otherwise they tend to go a bit spongy.

Approx. 25 seeds

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Planting: Beans are best planted straight into the ground where they are to grow. Beans do not enjoy nitrogen added to the soil. In fact they will put their own in for you. They do however enjoy some organic matter in their soil. If picked often they will continue to produce until the plant is exhausted. You last planting month for runner or pole beans is Dec and for bush beans its mid-late January.


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