Chilli Carolina Reaper


Capsicum chinense

!!! WARNING !!! This is an extremely hot chilli. 

The record holder of the World’s HOTTEST chilli in the world with heat of 1 569 300 Scoville Units.
First developed by Ed Currie founder of the Puckerbutt Pepper Company (Yes, that’s a real name) The Carolina Reaper has taken the honours all over the world. Providing entertainment, pleasure and discomfort wherever it goes.
The fruits have a distorted red skin with a scythe looking tail forming at the base, giving it its name. They have a fruity taste at first with a volcanic burst of heat afterwards.
120-150 Days to harvest. The size and shape of these pods will change over the season, with bigger fruits in the beginning of the season. These are the cheapest Carolina Reaper seeds available in South Africa.
MAXIMUM 2 packets per customer.
NOTE: Due to the difficulty of germinating these seeds, they are excluded from our 100% money back guarantee. We strongly recommend that you use a heating pad and our germination mix to start these chilli seeds.

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