Garlic Chesnok Red (Heirloom)


Allium sativum

Please Note: These are Garlic Pre-Orders and seed garlic will only be shipped from late February. Any items ordered with your Garlic Pre-Order will only be shipped once the garlic ships. Full planting, care and harvesting instructions are included. The garlic is sold per head.

An absolutely beautiful variety, Chesnok Red is also a superb storing variety. Originally from Southern Georgia (Europe) this is a sublime garlic with a medium pungecy. This gives it a wonderful broad appeal and does not contribute much pungent heat to a dish once cooked, it does however stand out with a great garlic flavour in any dish.
Chesnok Red has been a top contender in terms of awards worldwide, so this is one variety that you would love to have in your garden and your kitchen.
These heirloom garlic varieties have been acclimated to South Africa over the last 7 years and are specifically grown for you as seed garlic.

Approx 2 Heads (Approx. 5-7 cloves per head)

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