Garlic Eastern Porcelain (Heirloom)



Eastern Porcelain is a large Asian variety that produces well. This is our earliest maturing garlic and will be ready a good month before any of your other varieties. Really great if you are looking to extend your garlic season with an early variety. This is one of the varieties that we have been working with for a number of years. This stunning garlic if well grown will yield huge heads that are very easy to peel and use.
This is a massive white skinned garlic the perfectly fits the size and flavour slot between Giant garlic and the Egyptian white. Large, well filled head with a good robust flavour that is stronger than Giant garlic.
These heirloom garlic varieties have been acclimated to South Africa over the last 7 years and are specifically grown for you as seed garlic.

2 Heads (Approx. 9-12 cloves per head)

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