Garlic Sampler (Heirloom)


Allium sativum

Please Note: These are Garlic Pre-Orders and seed garlic will only be shipped from early February. Any items ordered with your Garlic Pre-Order will only be shipped once the garlic ships. Full planting, care and harvesting instructions are included. The garlic is sold per head.
This Garlic Sampler with 1 or 2 heads of each garlic variety that we sell as noted below.
Please Note: We have varying amounts of all of our different garlic varieties. This is dependent on the average number of cloves per head. If you would like to top-up your quantities, please just order the loose heads separately.
With this sampler you get enough of each variety so that you can taste each one to see which are your favourite varieties, you will also be able see which ones do better for your specific climate.
The sampler will contain 16 different garlic varieties, and it also comes with 16 FREE planting markers, so that you can easily separate and mark your varieties. The last thing you need is to plant all these stunning varieties, and then cannot remember which was which.
This is an actual garlic value exceeding R420.00, excluding the FREE plant markers.
Our Garlic Sampler includes:

1  Head Roc du Sanglier  NEW!!!
2  Heads Khabar  NEW!!!
1  Head Eastern Porcelain NEW!!!
1  Head Chesnock Red
2  Heads Leningrad
1  Head Persian Star
1  Head Purple Glaser
2  Heads Susan Delafield
1  Head Tuscan
1  Head Wenger’s Russian Red
1 Head Kostyn’s Red Russian
2 Heads Gaya’s Joy
1 Head Rose de Lautrec
2 Heads Giant Garlic
1 Head Egyptian White
1 Head Egyptian Pink

Total: 21 Heads

PLUS 16 FREE planting markers


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