Herb Mullien


Verbasum thapsus

A rare herb that is not often found available in South Africa. One of the late Margaret Roberts favorite 100 herbs.
These plants require 2 years to grow to maturity, the first year the large hairy leaves are produced in a beautiful rosette. after a cold winter, the flower spike is then sent up. This herb much prefers open spaces and is easily crowded out by other plants.
The plant has a host of uses: The leaves are a natural toilet paper, they are also used to help clear a chesty cough and the flowers are dried and infused with oil to help with earache. All in all a stunning herb to have on hand.

The 1st year rosette must establish to at least 40 cm in diameter for it to survive winter.
Planting must be done as shallowly as possible as light is a germination requirement.

Approx. 50 seeds

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