Hibiscus sabdariffa

A beautiful member of the hibiscus and okra family. This plant is also known as Florida Cranberry, Flor de Jamaica, Jamaica sorrel to name a few.

The plants have a deep wine red foliage and stunning pale yellow flowers with a red middle. The seeds, leaves, fruit and roots are edible and can be used for culinary and medicinal purposes. The calyxes have a tangy cranberry like flavor and are used in sauces and jams as well as to flavour tea. The seeds can also be used as a substitute if roasted and ground down. The young leaves cooked as a spinach make for a very interesting spinach dish that will really spice up a plate.

We strongly recommend that you start them on a heating pad and only plant out once the soil has rally warmed up.

Approx. 25 seeds

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