19 August 2018

Article by Tanya Malan (proud mom of 3 great world changers)

What is entrepreneurship? According to Wikipedia it is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. Those who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

That brings us to our topic – Can all children be entrepreneurs? My answer, Yes they can IF the parent allows their child the room to explore, experiment and facilitate unlimited learning and problem solving! Children are born creative. It is society, its educational systems and their norms that ‘file down’ the natural inclination of a child to think for themselves and create. Most are thus conformed to be followers who cannot think for themselves or approach problems in a creative manner.

That’s why we as a family educate our children at home. Here are some details to inspire you. Our eldest daughter is 12 years old and has a successful skin care range called Boeremeisie Beeldskoon. See her page here https://www.facebook.com/boeremeisiebeeldskoon/?ref=bookmarks . At the age of 11 she was under the Top 5 of Afrivriendelik’s Entrepreneur of the Year. This year she won a Tinteltong Award for the most innovative product. In both these awards she was competing against adults. Durandt started off at the age of 8 with a small nursery on the farm. He planted herbs and vegetables and sold them in town. His love for organic gardening expanded and he started http://durandtsheirloomseeds.co.za/ Durandt’s Heirloom Seeds. See his FB page here https://www.facebook.com/durantsheirloomseeds.co.za/?ref=br_rs.  Now he is passionate about preserving heirloom seeds for the future and helping others start up their own organic gardens. That’s why Homeschool Heirloom Gardeners was created https://www.facebook.com/groups/homeschoolheirloomgardeners/?ref=br_rs. On this page he hosts gardening challenges that facilitates learning and encourages families to spend time together in their garden. His current challenge launched last Friday and it’s called HATCH-A-PUMPKIN-PATCH! Be sure to find out more about it!

So what can you do to help your child in the right direction?

  1. Let them play and explore in a safe environment. Nature is the best playground!
  2. When they’ve finished playing, let them play some more!
  3. As time passes you will see what interests them.
  4. Encourage these interests and their ideas, no matter how trivial it sometimes seem to you. Remember they need to love what they do, not what you love to do.
  5. Empower them by providing every possible resource (you can afford) in their interest field.
  6. Teach them in very simple ways about supply and demand.
  7. Watch the little entrepreneur emerge all by itself.

Be sure to watch this page for a follow up article on Entrepreneurship.

Photo of Durandt and myself in 2014, when life was still just about playing 😉