Artichoke Green Globe


Cynara scolymus

The Green Globe Artichoke can grow up to 2m tall. Its silvery-green leaves forms a beautiful rosette and if left to flower, you are rewarded with a stunning purple flower.
Artichokes are rich in anti-oxidants and, quite possibly, one of the lesser known super-foods.

This variety prefers warm summers and mild winters. It will thrive in good soil. Water regularly and it’s a good idea to provide some frost protection in winter.
Artichokes are targeted by slugs, snails, flying insect larvae and sucking insects. It is susceptible to diseases like damping off, powdery mildew, botrytis and curly dwarf virus.

Best months to sow: July, September, October.
Best months to transplant: January, August, October.

Companion plants:
Good: Mint, marigold, nasturtium, corn, coriander, cucumber, tarragon, sunflower, rhubarb.
Bad: Potatoes.

Approx. 20 seeds

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