Green Manure Black Oats


(Avena strigosa)

Black Oats or Saia Oats is one of the world’s oldest cover crops. Planted specifically for it high production of biomass both above and below the soil, it is vitally important in increasing the organic and carbon content of your soil.

Best planted within 6 weeks of first frost and and inter-planting of Vetch will produce some of the largest volumes of biomass that can be used as a green manure, mulch or as feed-stock for you compost heap.

In early spring before the seeds set, take a sharp spade and sever the plant just below the soil line. This will give you an above ground mulch and will leave the roots intact in the soil. The roots will decompose and provide pathways to allow the soil to absorb a tremendous amount of water.

Weight: 200 g

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