Pumpkin Jack-be-Little

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Cucurbita pepo

Originally given to us by Jane Griffiths. Oh, the wonder of these tiny little pumpkins. Kids just love them, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get kids to eat their veggies, make it cool and exciting. Harvested young they can be cooked like Gems and eaten whole, or you can roast them separately, scoop out the seed and fill with a savoury mixture. Expect 7-10 fruit per well grown plant.

Approx. 10 seeds

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1 review for Pumpkin Jack-be-Little

  1. traceymichau

    These little pumpkins are AMAZING. Besides their beauty, their taste is incredible too. So lovely to serve a whole little pumpkin on a plate. This is definitely something we will grow every year. 5/5 for taste, looks and for being a prolific bearer.

    • Durandt

      Thank you

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