• 400g Baby marrows
• 100g Toasted cashew nuts
• Handful:
 Fresh basil leaves
 Fresh coriander leaves
• 2 Small crushed garlic cloves
• 80ml Olive oil
• 125ml Grated parmesan
• 120ml Lemon juice and zest (2 lemons)


• 300g Crumbled Feta
• 120g Sundried tomatoes
• 10 – 12 Slices toasted bruschetta


• Place all the pesto ingredients in a food processor and blend. Add extra olive oil if needed and season to taste.
• Heat a griddle pan and toast the bruschetta.
• Spread pesto on toast and top up with feta and sundried tomatoes.
• If you don’t like sundried tomatoes, peppadews will work just as well.

Contributor: Bets Janse van Rensburg

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